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So, What Are You Giving Jesus For His Birthday This Year?

gift image-smallI know. It’s a weird question. We don’t typically give Jesus gifts for his birthday. But isn’t it our usual custom to give people gifts on their birthdays? And isn’t Christmas a celebration of Jesus’ birthday? Why is it so strange then (at least if you’re a follower of Christ) to consider giving Jesus a gift for his birthday?

Think about how your own birthday is celebrated. From birthday wishes and hugs when you wake up, to special birthday meals throughout the day, to parties, flowers, cakes, cards, balloons, presents, and a host of warm greetings and well wishes from your friends and loved ones: the entire day is a celebration of your existence. Continue reading

Outlie, Outcheat, Outspin: Lessons in Politics from the TV show Survivor

survivor politician-med

When Survivor aired in May of 2000, viewers were captivated. The premise was intriguing—a group of strangers dropped on a remote island, enduring hunger, pain, fatigue, and dangerous exposure to the elements, utilizing primitive survival skills in a classic test of man vs. nature. They would compete against one another to determine which would ultimately prevail as the “sole survivor.”  It was a test of strength, wit, endurance and determination.  It was pure survival of the fittest.  May the best man (or woman) win!  It was a thrilling concept, and everyone caught the bug.  People gathered in each other’s homes and in bars to watch the contest unfold.  Which contestant would be the very best?  Who would “outwit, outplay, and outlast?” Continue reading

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