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Why God Gives Us Teenagers



We gaze into the face of our newborn babies, and we are consumed with love. We hold them in our arms for hours, and the moment we’re apart, we long to hold them again. We study their eyes for a hint of recognition, but they still don’t know who we are. They’ve no idea what it means to love us, but we’re obsessively in love with them, and that’s all that really matters.

God feels the same way about us.

As they grow, we actively nurture, discipline, and educate them, because we want to give them a foundation for the very best life possible. We long to lavish every good thing upon them, but we sometimes withhold worldly pleasures, because we know it’s not always in their best interest. We’re more concerned about developing their characters than indulging their desires.

God feels the same way about us.

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