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“I’m too stupid to be human,” and other Bible verses that are funny when taken out of context

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A year ago, I started this blog as a place to share my reflections on faith, family, and culture. Circumstances over the past year have led me to write pieces that are more serious and morose, and my sister has dubbed my blog, “Debbie Downer’s Daily Dose of Depression.”

While it’s true that some of my pieces are a bit melancholy, her description is absurdly inaccurate. There’s no way I post every day!

So, to prove her wrong, I’m going to share with you a rather unconventional list of Bible verses. Continue reading

7 Things to Think About When Your Stupid, Lousy, Miserable Life Doesn’t Make Any Sense


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What’s a Christian to do when life doesn’t go as planned? When hopes are dashed, dreams die, and desperate cries to heaven seem to dissipate in the atmosphere? When all those scriptures on abundance, blessing and protection seem to be intended for other people?

In your mind you know that God must have a good reason for allowing you to suffer, but in your heart you’re wounded and confused. Continue reading