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Why Did Job’s Wife Have to Suffer?

jobs wife

In one the most bizarre and intriguing scenes in all of scripture, the book of Job pulls back the curtain of the heavenly courts and lets us eavesdrop on a conversation between God and Satan during a meeting of the heavenly host. The ever-accusing Satan has just alleged that man’s loyalty to God is entirely contingent upon His continual blessing and provision, and is contending that if the hand of blessing were ever removed, man would curse God to His face. In essence, he’s attempting to discredit God’s provision of freewill and accuse the bride of Christ of being a gold digger before a crowd of angelic onlookers.

To disprove and effectively silence these allegations, God issues a momentous earthly challenge, and puts forth his most devout and righteous man, Job, to be put to the test. The stakes could not be higher.  Continue reading